Desert garden house & swimming pool

4-bedroomed stone house. Large living room, kitchen and bathroom with gas boiler for hot water and shower. 

There are another two large separate rooms attached to the house that can be dorm rooms for up to 16 beds if you are making a hostel or separate apartments attached to the house. Total floor space in the house is around 400 sqm with another 100 sqm roof terrace above. 

The house is currently rented out until October 2023, hence no pictures of the house and land. 

2,500 sqm of garden, producing up to one ton of olives a year. Has several date trees producing fruit each year as well aloe vera growing wild in the garden. It has its own well and watering rights from the communal spring next to the house. The swimming pool is designed to be used to water the garden as well as be used as a swimming pool.

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