5 houses - Marraki Village, Siwa Oasis

Set in a nice quiet abandoned village. Has electricity and water available for each house. As they are old and ‘houses’ it is possible to apply for blue paper as they are. Once you have your blue paper you can rebuild or knock them down and start again without worrying about the land title or building permissions. 

Walking distance to Taziri, Adrere Amellal and Barbara’s Hotel. This area is where affluent foreigners have bought homes and live. This area is one of the most sought-after suburbs of Siwa with easy access to the desert, the town and the two main lakes in Siwa.

From $3,500 to $8,000

All houses are similar, can be restored, but probably easier to be rebuilt. The point of buying one of these houses means you can get the blue paper to own it 100% before you do any rebuilding. You can get electricity and water to the house and you do not need to apply and pay for building permits as it’s already a house. 

House no. 4 and 5, can be restored and easily have 3 or 4 livable rooms without too much structural work doing to them. 

The village was abandoned. Not maybe people live here. You get a very quiet place to live in the middle of a farming community that has not changed for 100s of years. 

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