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Horse riding at the Pyramids. It’s great and we recommend it with the Pyramids tour, but if you can ride a horse well and have the time, we suggest you go on a horse safari starting at Tarek’s stables at the Pyramids and ride out into the open desert to Sakkara. We work with an English women who keeps her horses at the stables and normally at the weekend she is available to take you out on this tour. It has to be one of the best rides, through open desert perfect for the horses to gallop free whilst moving from the biggest to the oldest pyramids on the planet

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If you would like to do this tour in conjunction with other tours we offer, please go to the Design your own tour of Cairo page and contact us that way. If you are interested in doing just this tour and maybe for a few days, please get in contact using the standard contact form here and let us know your thoughts.

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