Co working space in Egypt in Siwa Oasis

The co working space at the Siwa Villa is spread across several work areas around the Villa. It’s very casual but at the same time it’s all about getting work done in the day and no distractions.

There are three main co working areas.

The large living room in the center of the house is a quite zone from 9.00am to 6.00pm. You can sit at the large communal table and work in quite without any sunlight hitting your screen. The roof terrace. At the time of writing the beduin tent is not up, but it will be soon and you have your choice of where to sit up on the roof with no light coming from behind you and on to your screen and a nice view out over the old city in front of you. I can get cold at night up her but in the day the tempurature is great and a bright alternative to the main co working area in the house. The garden. This is work in progress but we are building a 24/7 quite area out here for you workaholics and night owls who need peace and quite to work in at any time of the day. It’s open now but wireless is a bit slow here and – slowly slowly this part will be open.

Skype rooms

On the list to be done. For now take your client calls in your room so you are not disturbed. To book your co living / co working stay Somewhere Different in Siwa use the membership section. We look forward to working and hanging out with you somewhere different soon.

Live any where – one month at a time

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