As of 23rd March we have opened Blackpool

We planned on opening June 1st, but we have fast internet, coworking desks and brand new beds in the rooms – so due to Aunty Corona’s unexpected visit, we opened early to help out any nomads stranded in the UK and want to get to a Digital Nomad house before we all get locked down for a month or three. 

We are offering a 50% discount on all prices for the UK as of today until lock down has ended. If you would like to come and work here to  escape high hotel or hotel costs whilst it all goes on and hang out with fellow nomads – get in touch today and we will see you on the beach.



Digital Nomad? Looking for a coworking / coliving space somewhere different where you can be productive? Each coworking network has a different approach to the perfect work and play environment. See our own six key factors below we think makes Somewhere Different the right working environment for you.

We believe there are six main elements to a good co-working / co-living space.

COWORKING – what makes our spaces right for you?

Having reliable fast internet in a coworking coliving space is obviously your base need. As you know from any research on coworking you read and your own experiences, working with like-minded digital nomads makes all the difference to your productivity and focus to your online work. If you are staying in a hostel were everyone is partying and sight seeing day & night – you begin to suffer from the herd mentality and question why you are not being like them and enjoying life. Then you remember they are all going back to their day jobs soon and are on holiday. You are not, you are at the day job in your remote office and want to get stuff done. Being surrounded by like minded remote workers who have the same drive and motivations as you makes all the difference. You want to be at your desk early, grab a coffee with the others and start your working day with a good feeling – not a hangover. In both our main work areas in Egypt and England, the main work areas is a ‘library rules’ quite zone from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm at night. That’s “ get stuff done” time. There are several areas where you can take a break and talk with fellow nomads during the day and the Skype rooms for client calls so you can obviously speak, just not in the main work area. Monday to Friday is the focus. The work area is a quiet area 7 days a week, but the idea is it’s empty at the weekend and you are out and about on one of our planned days out.

COLIVING – Somewhere Different. How will it be?

Somewhere Different coworking coliving spaces are designed to make remote workers feel at home. I personally travelled as a Digital Nomad for three years before setting up Somewhere Different. I wanted two things: a work environment I was productive in and somewhere I didn’t feel was my home, but at least where I felt at home. 

Both of our coliving spaces are houses. You instantly become part of the community with your follow housemates when you arrive and all that involves. 

When you are not ‘at the office’ you will be living with like minded nomads who like you, want to feel at home with the people they are living with.  Communal kitchen / living areas, firepits and planned trips out are all part of Somewhere Different’s offering. You have your dorm or private room you can hide away for deadline work and calls, but when it’s done, you have your new house mates to hang out and enjoy the wow of being Somewhere Different. 

COSTS – What’s the cost of living Somewhere Different?

You are a digital nomad, or about to become one. You will have heard Chiang Mai is the place for Digital Nomads due to the balance of wow factor, costs and good internet. Don’t take my word for it, see here on the travellers bible for cost comparison Numbeo Alexandria is our nearest big city in Egypt, it’s over 100% more expensive to live in Chiang Mai than Alex. 

Somewhere Different Blackpool is in England, one of the most expensive countries in the world. The cost to stay in our Blackpool house is the same price as when you stay in the desert or Chiang Mia. A pint of beer in our local here is cheaper than a beer in Chiang Mai .

We provide cost effective places to work from, to live and to have fun similar to staying in a hostel or simple private accouncatoin anywhere travellers like to go.

Unless you are a rock star travel blogger or killed it on bitcoins – you want to keep your costs as low as possible. The less you need pay to have a nice standard of living as yuo travel around the world, the more competitive you are when it comes to pitching for work. If you are just starting out, it makes all the difference.

Don’t forget when you finally decided to hit the road for a life or work and travel – the idea is to be in a place 5x more interesting than home and 5x cheaper to live. Siwa and Blackpool ticks the cost of living box and the wow box too as you will see.

WIFI – it’s all about keeping you online 24/7

We have fast, reliable internet with speeds between 13mbs and 10mbs in Somewhere Different Egypt and 5G in Blackpool is about to be installed in Somewhere Different UK. We ensure the connection is fast enough for Skype video calls and hassle-free browsing and downloading. We have  generator backup for when the power goes to keep the connection alive. If the internet goes down we have Vodafone 3G as back up. It’s fast enough to Skype from and is rarely needed, but it does happen – maybe once a month for a few hours.

Our top priority is making sure you are connected 24/7, seven days a week.  Why? Because a coworking / coliving space is first and foremost about having fast, reliable internet.

WEATHER – What’s the weather like Somewhere Different?

Ok maybe because I am an Englishman that we have this obsession with the weather when we travel. Somewhere Different’s live in co working space in Egypt is based in the beautiful desert oasis of Siwa in the Western Desert and has a pretty amazing climate. Check the weather in Egypt pages here to see what the weather will be like in the months you are looking to stay. 

Blackpool cannot claim the same. English weather is famous for it’s unpredictability and “four seasons in one day” party trick. The weather in English is for sure weather and not climate. We talk about it as much as we talk about football. Blackpool does not get really hot in the summer staying below 25 degrees and rarely below 5 degrees on even the coldest days in the winter. T



WOW – we like lots of wow. 

Sure we are entrepreneurs, we are business focused and we put working as a priority, but we are all travellers at heart or we would be working from the back room in our new house back home. You come to stay at Somewhere Different to get the work environment and community you need, you also come to and stay as they name says, to stay Somewhere Different.  Experiencing a countries real culture is often hard to do when staying in downtown touristville. You are busy working and don’t have the time to integrate and meet real locals who do not work in tourism, to work out where to go to experience the local life as it really is. We do…. and we share that with you.  You only live once and so weekends Somewhere Different are all about experience the wow of where you are staying in a way you would never be able to if passing through on your own as s tourist.  Check out or “wow’sectoins for coworking coliving Egypt and coworking coliving UK and see what we have planned for you to experience when you stay…. Somewhere Different. 

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