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Angus Ridgley

Angus is 15, he has been home schooled since the age of 8 and dreams of rainy days in England and playing rugby. Angus helps out with the fires and comes along on our desert tours helping with putting up tents and generally getting in the way

siwa team angusSiwan kids love to play

angus ridgley

Angus with Claudia in Al Quara showing the local boys one of Angus’s tricks.

angus driving a trian in alex

Angus driving a tram in Alex

angus doing abank job

angus making tea

In siwa it is the job of the youngest boy to pass the tea around.

angus sandboarding

siwa team angus

If you would like to contact Angus directly, his email is angus @ his surname .co.uk ( we get too much spam to put the address here but I am sure you can work it out)

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