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Weather in Romania in June

The weather in June in Romania is summer in Maramures. You still get the odd thunderstorm in June so you still need your rain coats, but the ‘tuna’ (lighting) as they call it is worth watching. It can be hot and sunny all June and sun cream can be needed at this time of year, it all depends on which way the winds are blowing and what the weather in Romania in June is like in general. If you come and visit us on one of our Transylvania Tours you will visit other parts of Romania as well as Maramures so I have put the details of the weather in Romania in June there as well. Below are the temperatures for Maramures, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca

Weather in Maramures in June is normally sunny days and warm evenings. I can be hot so bring a sun hat for kids or sun cream. As your staying in our villas in Breb, you in the mountains and mountain weather is, mountain weather , it can change at any time. So a light waterproof is a good idea when out walking. If it does rain it is normally a short burst and over in half an hour. Walking up the mountain is great in June as it is not as hot as July and August but still warm and sunny.

Festivals in Maramures in June
Jocul Bărbătesc (Men’s Dance) Petrova: Traditional dances for men including a drumming contest, folk music and costumes.
Serbările Lăpuşului (Lăpuş Days) Târgu Lăpuş: One of the most important folkloric festivals in the Land of Lăpuş: contests, popular art, concerts, lots to eat and drink of cource.
Nu vă uitaţi că-s micuţ (Do not look for I am small) Budeşti: Folkloric contest for children’s ensembles that compete in traditional dancing and singing, so a good day to take childen so they can meet the local kids and see what the get up to.
Festivalul Gulaşului (Festival of the Goulash) Ocna Şugatag: A celebration of the Hungarian community and its national dish: the goulash; cooking contests and lots of food.
Festivalul international de nunti (International Wedding Festival) Vadu Izei: In early June; an important festival presenting traditional wedding rituals, popular costumes, dances and songs. Great for taking pictures.
Serbările Vişeului (Vişeu Days) Vişeu de Sus: Folkloric and cultural events.
Serbările Chioarului (Chioar Days) Şomcuta Mare: Parade of traditional costumes, popular music and dance.
Jocul vălenarilor (The Dance of the People of Văleni) Văleni: Traditional music, dance and costumes.
Sărbătoarea cositului şi a plăcintelor (Celebration of Haymaking and of Pies) Mesteacăn: Women of Mesteacăn village compete in making the “curliest pies” (plăcinte creţe) and in making hay.
Sânziene: On the 24th of June to celebrate the summer solstice.
Hramul Mănăstirii Bârsana (Day of Bârsana Monastery’s Patron Saint) Bârsana: On the 30th of June, the day of the Synaxis of the Twelve Apostles, pilgrimage to the Monastery of Bârsana.
Serbările Cavnicului (Cavnic Days) Cavnic: During one of the summer months, open air concerts, contests, the most important of which is that of sowing.

Average temperature during June in Maramures is 21 degrees during the day but it can be as high as 30 degrees and T shirt weather is the norm and 11 degrees at night so still mild at night . If your interested in visiting Romania in June have a look at our Transylvania Tours that we run all year round. You will see local farmers collecting the first cut of hay of the year if the weather in Romania has been good. You see them out in the fields using a scythe. They look like the grim reaper when they walk home with the sun setting and the silhouette of the scythe hangs over their shoulders.

June is also a busy time for making Holinca. The apples have fermented all winter and are ready for distiling in one of the 19 distileries in the village. You put the apple mulsh in the casan ( the brass pot in the pic below on the left) and it is stired untill boiling. The steam rises and travels in the brass pipe ( the one that goes through the guys head) to a cooling tank. As the steam travels through the pipes in the cooling tank it turns to liquid and drips out into the red bucket at the bottom. This is what the call ‘making Holinca’ and there isn’t a day that goes by in June when you don’t see someeone making Holinca.

A good web site to check for weather forecasts for Maramures and other places in Romania in February is www.weather.com The link for Maramures weather is here.

Weather in Cluj Napoca in June is warm and sunny, bring your sun glasses. The grass is being cut all over Transylvania as you drive from Cluj Airport to the village of Breb through the mountains. You will see a way of life that has not changed for hundreds of years. All the working of the land is done by hand and every one comes home on a horse and cart. If you come to Breb on one of our Transylvania Tours or you have booked the villa direct, you will pass through the heart of rural Transylvania and some some very scenic country side.

Average temperature in June in Cluj Napoca is 22 degrees in the day but it is often a lot warmer than this around lunch time and a low of 11 degrees at night.

Weather in Bucharest in June is like a great summers day in England. It can get quite hot in Bucharest, even in June so make sure you have your sun cream and protection from the sun. If your out in the cafes of the old town the tables will be full on the streets and empty inside. The evenings are warm not and normaly T shirt weather up to around 10.00pm.

Average temperature during June in Bucharest is 22 degrees during the day and a low of 11 degrees at night.

weather in romania in June

Cloths recommended for June in Romania – T shirt, summer weather clothes and a waterproof as it does still rain up in the mountains. You will be very unlucky if the weather is still wet, but it does happen. As a rule, June is normally hot and sunny with the odd major down pour ever few weeks for a day or two. So bring the waterproof.


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