Coworking space with accommodation in Siwa Oasis in Egypt. We provide

  • Fast internet…du.

  • An online working environment for digital nomads who want to work smart and focus during the day.

  • Good clean accommodation.

  • Social activities for our little remote working community after the working day is done.

  • Quite neighbourhood five minutes from the Souk.

  • Perfect springtime weather all winter long πŸ™‚

  • Cost effective all in packages from as little as $150 a month for desk/internet/accommodation.

Sounds like the sort of thing you are looking for? Have a look at our availability and stop pulling your hair out over getting distracted and slow internet connections.

Fast Internet – We have fast reliable internet with speeds between 13mbs and 16mbs and latency of, so it’s fast enough for Skype video calls and hassle-free browsing etc. We are limited to 500 GB a month on the fast connection so we do not allow large file or torrent downloading from the main connection. A slower, unlimited connection of 1.6 / 2.5 MBs download is available for large overnight file downloading if needed. We have a generator for when the power goes to keep the connection live. It rarely happens but we in the process of connecting it to deal with no power when it does go off.

Work Environment – Having reliable fast internet is obviously your base need – but as you know, working with like-minded digital nomads makes all the difference to your productivity and focus on your online work. If you are staying in a hostel where everyone is partying and sightseeing day and night – you begin to question why you are not being like them and enjoying life. Then you remember they are all going back to their day jobs soon and are on holiday. You are not, you are at the day job in your remote office and want to get stuff done. Being surrounded by like-minded remote workers who have the same drive and motivations as you makes all the difference. You want to be at your desk early, grab a coffee with the others and start your working day with a good feeling.

The main work areas is a quiet zone from 8.30am to 6.00pm at night. That’s β€œ get stuff done” time. There are several areas in the Siwa Villa where you can take a break and talk with fellow nomads during the day and the Skype room is planned and being built very soon.

The accommodation – Somewhere Different co-working space is based in a house called the Siwa Villa. It was/is a luxury villa that was built for families wanting high-end desert tours and was very successful before the revolution in Egypt in 2011. There are 4 rooms, one single, one double, one twin and one dorm with 4 beds in it. The rooms surround the main work area so you can work with others or switch back and forth to your room for calls or private work anytime.

On the roof we have a fire pit where we gather after work in the evenings to try and not talk about work and plan our weekend trips out into the desert or to a new hot spring we have not visited yet. It has a spit for roasting lambs, goats, chickens… oberjeans – what ever you fancy.

Social activities – I have a jeep, I know my way around the desert and I like to go out there. So when we are all up for it, we can go out for day trips at the weekends when we are not working and even sleep out there. We can do full moon walking tours – its pretty amazing to walk for hours with just the moon and the starts to guide you. There are then the hot springs – we can visit them too at the weekends or have even during the week. The jeep has enough room to take us all and even the odd backpacker we find in town who wants to hang out. If you booked a safari and cars to take you to the hot springs, the cost of doing this would probably be more than $150 a month. If you see our coworking packages you will see that this is all included and desk/accommodation for $150 so… a pretty good deal all round.

The weather in Egypt – Ok maybe because I am an English man we have this obsession with the weather. Somewhere Different’s live in co-working space in Egypt is based in the beautiful desert oasis of Siwa in the Western Desert and has a pretty amazing climate. Check the weather in Egypt pages here to see what the weather will be like in the months you are looking to stay.

Quiet Neighborhood in Siwa – We are in a nice villa made of mud in a very quiet part of town behind the old Shali fort – yet only 5 minutes from the souk and restaurants etc. It used to be the old poor part of town but when I first bought the house here, other foreigners followed and push the price up and so every one sold. It’s a shame it change the place but from a working point of view its great. It’s very quiet in the day and night as often the neighbor’s houses are empty – yet you have the souk literally 5 mins away and as much Siwan cultural experiences as you want.

Co working packages – β€œ Does Somewhere Different provide free day passes to check out the internet connection etc?” – in a word no. We are not a normal co working space with people coming and going all the time. If we provide a free day pass we will have every backpacker who comes through Siwa wanting good internet for a day to upload their pics checking us out and then catching the night bus back to Cairo – and you can’t blame them.

The idea is it’s a little community, you come in, join the team, get to know everyone and then get your head down for some productive work time. Having day passes will create too much activity and distraction to the core residents. That is what we are focused on – our long-term co workers who want no distractions in the day and like-minded people to hang out with in the evenings.

Because of this, the minimum stay is one week, the normal stay is one month and there is a discount for paying for three months upfront – we currently only have 6 desk spaces so once we are full… we are full. So if you like the idea of working and hanging out with a small group of working nomads in the oasis of Siwa – get in contact and check to see if the dates you are looking for are available and get your self booked in.

The future – we plan to expand the number of desks. We have a much larger house across the road and if all goes well will convert that house into more live co working space with more Skype rooms, and small start-up offices etc. It’s early days and so we are keeping to the Lean startup principles and see how it goes with 6 desk spaces for now.

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Want to stay Somewhere Different?

We get booked up - so let us know when you are thinking of coming to the desert and we will see what we can do :)

Somewhere Different - Liv in co-working space in Siwa Oasis Egypt

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