Transylvania to Ozora

I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but where do you go on holiday when your in the adventure tourist business and in theory live in Paradise? A packaged holiday to Spain? Trek to Nepal? Na – we wanted a holiday. We’ve been travelling for 8 years and have seen the sites, so we decided […]

An Orthodox Easter in Romania

“I rarely go to church at Christmas, but I always go at Easter” This is what I was told when I asked “ How big a deal is Easter here in Romania?” In the UK Easter is, 3 weeks off for the kids and you get the bank holidays, so prime time to bugger off. […]

Traditional Wedding in Maramures, Măriuţa and Laurenţiu Şandor

‘So, being a God Parent, is there anything we have to do?’ I asked “Like say something at the speeches or something?’ ‘Your going to be God Parent Duncan?’ ‘Yes’ ‘When?’ ‘Tomorrow’ ‘Tomorrow? And you don’t know what your supposed to be doing?’ ‘…no’ ‘Have you bought your candles?’ ‘Why do I need candles?’ Watch […]

And they say 2012 is the big one?

A year ago I was living is Siwa Oasis, looking forward to a busy tourist season as there had been no troubles in Egypt for some time. As for Libya our neighbor… well nothing happens there. I had no idea 2011 would work out completely different to how I had planned. Penny and the kids […]

An October deadline

It’s been an interesting summer here in Transylvania. The weather has been great. I have made a new video called ‘The House that Penny Built’ (Part 2). It show’s what we have been up to, why Claudia wanted to buy some Viagra in Sighetu and fellow’s Penny’s ever encroaching deadline of our first guests in […]

A Maramures Summer in Breb

Penny and the kids have been in Maramures for the last few weeks working on the final finishes to Casa Mica, our first villa to open. Angus and Claudia have finished school for this year and are hoping to find a new teacher for them to start in Sept ready to fly south when they […]

Three weddings and a funeral.

I was asked to cover the royal wedding for a Romanian newspaper. We arrived in London. ‘We need to meet the Cheeky girls now’ The reporter said loudly in the hotel reception ‘After, I want to see condom town’. ‘It’s Camden Town’ I said Here they come, the bride and groom. Get ready, focus and…the […]

I like women, I love women: I want her!

A friend of mine come over to Bucharest last weekend. We did as we always do, and said we’d have a quite one. Around 8.00pm we headed out to check out the London Pup, a large establishment out of town a bit that has a huge permanent sign over the door saying “Party animals welcome”. […]

The land of the Pharaohs… and the free

“Egypt, the land of the free” No you must mean somewhere else right? Surely? A week is a long time in politics as they say and well it took 18 days in Egypt, the pace of life is a bit slower here, sorry for that. As you have probably gathered by now I am a […]

Power to the People

When I was a kid I used to have pictures of my hero’s stuck on my bedroom ceiling. I wasn’t aloud to put them on the walls, but the ceiling was mine. It was covered in mainly motor bikes, the Kawasaki 900 taking up most of the space. Right down in the far corner I […]