Movie Night - SWD Blackpool

Tuesdays & Fridays

Tuesday’s, meet at 7.30 starts at 8.00 pm
Friday meet at 8.30 starts at 9.00 pm

The idea is we get together half an hour before. Make your popcorn, food, get your beers, whatever. Movies start like a Cinema, exactly on time, so if you are late that’s fine, but the movie doesn’t wait for you.

What do we watch????

Ask to be added to the WhatsApp SWD Blackpool movie night. If you are interested in having an opinion on what movie is watched, be in the group. You don’t have to be, but never complain about what movie is on if your not 🙂

If you are in the group, the idea is you can nominate one movie on either Netflix or Amazon that does not cost. Check first before you choose your nomination. The idea is Tuesday is more … thoughtful and Friday is a more good-time vibe. Or you can just vote on the movies nominated.

Only add one for the next movie night, maybe a link to a trailer. The deadline is two nights before, so for Tuesdays movie – Sunday night. For Friday –Wednesday night. Any nomination after that is deleted. You then have to vote for one of the nominated movies that are not yours (no abstaining). Votes must be in the night before the movie, if you don’t vote the night before others can vote for you. The movie with the highest votes is put up on the board in the morning and watched for that day. Add your next nomination the day after movie night.

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