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If you think being in the desert may be boring then think again, this place here in the middle of nowhere is so wicked. Here are some of the things we get up to:
Swimming: We go swimming most days at Cleopatra’s spring, its big and very deep so good for jumping in. Lots of the local children come here so there is always someone to play with. Dad says there are over 40 old roman springs in Siwa, we have been to about five so far. There are a few that are like going in a bath they are so hot so if you want to go swimming in the night time these are the best.
Sand boarding: Dad has ten sand boards that we take out to go down the big dunes. It’s so wicked! Bit tiring walking up again so make sure you have someone with you who is willing to take you back up to the top again.
Donkey riding Angus has a donkey called Jack and he takes us all over the place.

Hide and seek in the Shali The old forte in the middle of the town is the best for playing hide and seek or war games, there are loads of places to hide and you can go anywhere.



By the Kidz of Siwa Villa
Sasha, Claudia, Angus.

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