Maps of Siwa

The best map of siwa is right here below under your nose, Google. There is nothing better, it has every dune…
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Stamford’s in London have a few maps of Siwa, but they are not really worth bothering with as it shows a patch if yellow with a dot for Siwa. I have recently produced a map of siwa showing the whole oasis and details of each village and the souk. You can buy a copy from our Jewellry shop just off the market sq for 25le. There is one good map of the Western Desert also sold in Siwa but this is large scale and not good just for visiting Siwa. We are trying to get copies of the old british maps of Siwa that are very detailed but we need a letter from a British government dept in case we are spies!

Google Earth is your best option if you want very detailed images of the town and surrounding desert. Download the free service at earth.google.com and type in the words ‘Siwa Egypt’. You can then spend hours looking at all the different parts of the oasis and print off maps from Google before you come. We have three maps in our office made from Google you can look at when you arrive.

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