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Ba El Din

Ba El Din is where Libyain refugees came and settled in the seventies. Before then it was seen as outside of Siwa and desert. Now it has a thriving Bedouin community. There grandfathers rode camels moving from oasis to oasis to get to Libya trading in dates and silver and grazed the deserts with their herds.

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Now they drive jeeps and since the revolution they have been busy boys and, that’s all I can say on that really:) Lets just say their ancestors would be proud of them carring on the family traditions.

Ba El Din has some of the stunning scenery in all of the Western Desert. We we first came to Siwa in 2004, this area was seen as ‘very far away’, my reply was “I’ve just come from Cario”.

Every where we saw was for sale, so we chose the most beautiful part, right at the back of the lake that backs on to the desert. We have 50 acres here and in my opinion is the most beautiful part of Siwa, hence why we bought it.

Unfortunatly we now feel we have too much going on in Siwa with the Siwa Villa and our olive ware house that we have decided to sell this land, we don’t want to, but we will neber get the time to do it justice. If you would like to see the land, have a look at Property for Sale Siwa Egypt

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