The idea of coming to Siwa Oasis and working from Somewhere Different is to enjoy the natural surroundings, the natural sounds, the locals, the perfect weather and the quietness so you can have a completely different experience than your usual work routine.

Our Co-working/Co-living space in Siwa is very laid back and around the Shali there is little to break the silence except for the odd child playing or a donkey making himself heard.

We have purposely made the villa a quite place, not only fully equipped with everything you need for productive work, but also perfect for relaxation and taking a break from the busy life outside.

View from the roof at night it is very relaxing watching the world go by… or not.

People watching from the roof:

The locals are cool with foreigners. We’re all from Mars and they don’t understand our ways… but they find us just as interesting people to watch as we do them.

My favourite place to get


When on the terrace you can watch the sun set and the colour of the Shali fort go from a bright yellow to a dark red to then a bright white when the lights kick in and it all gets lit up. Take a 5 minute walk up the Shali it’s self and see the sun set over the oasis for miles and miles around.

This is a picture of a sunset out over the Siwa salt lake taken from the top of the Shali which is a few minutes walk from the house.


away from it all. There is always someone on the terrace sunbathing or just hanging out but this little hideaway at the back of the house often goes unnoticed and is great for reading or playing board games that you want to leave out until tomorrow.

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