The bathroom in the Siwa Villa

Stone carved shower room

This room was originally going to be the kitchen, but we realised that the area behind the fire place would be kept nice and warm and perfect for a large shower area. It’s the biggest shower I have been in and when travelling for the Sun Newspaper I stayed in a lot of 5 star hotels and the shower in my opinion beats them all hands down.

That maybe be because we built the room with our bare hands. The sink is made from solid sand stone found on the edge of the desert and hand carved with chisels by a local stone mason. The stone the pipes come out of where my idea, like the oasis, the water just pours out of the water from nowhere. Even on the coldest days in winter, Ok it never really gets cold here, its the Sahara Desert, but when it is not warm, lets say, if you have a fire in the living room of the Siwa Villa and take a long shower the room becomes like a steam room and you can spend an hour in here like it was ten minutes after flying around on the high dunes all day.

The villa is serviced with fresh towels every day. Big fluffy white towels and brown towels for you to take out into the desert when you go swimming in the hot springs. Ludmila, Penny and Mohammad take care of everything for you.

The water is heated by a gas boiler providing piping hot water 24/7 so take as long as you want in the shower. The water drains back into the soil from where it came from and there is plenty to go around.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]