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Property for sale in Siwa Oasis Egypt – 45,000 EGP+ per fedan EGP

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We currently have one property for sale in Siwa for 45,000 Egyptian Pounds, around 40 fedan so around $100,000. The photographs above shows the land and house slightly left of center of the picture. The land has hundreds of meters of water front.  A strong well ( currently closed) provides enough water to cultivate over 20 fedans of good fertile land that is easy to get organic status due to it never being farmed before. The land is perfect for an eco resort project; you can drive a 40 seater coach onto the land at the same time as walk bare footed to the great sand sea scaling the large dunes and hills within minutes of walking from the land. If you want to build a private residence here the house is in the center of the land with 360 degree views and is very private. The house is not complete but is registered as a house with the local cancel.

According to rumors the airport in Siwa will start running a weekly flight to Cairo some time in the next year. There are no facts to back this up apart from a lot of work going on at the airport with new electrical supplies and large hotel groups starting to build on land they have owned for decades in Siwa, and the fact that land prices are continuing to rise. Direct flights from London with Thomson did fly once a week to Marsa Matruh Int Airport before the revolution. The flights where fully booked in the last season according to senior staff from Thomson based in Cairo and there where plans to introduce more flights to Marsa Martuh. This used to make Siwa accessible door to door within 8 hours from London and will do again once the flights start again.

The road from Baharyia is built and now open. A new road direct from Giza they say will take 5 and a half hours to drive from Cairo is nearly finished. When it will be finished is another thing, but it is rumored to be one more year. This will make a big difference to land prices in Siwa as it will attract Egyptians from Cairo and more tourism as Siwa will then be in a loop from Alexandria Marsa Matrouh, Siwa, Baharyia, Cairo; providing all year round tourism opportunities for booming Egyptian tourism tour operators currently growing in numbers weekly.

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The land has several palm trees growing naturally on the land and on the dunes that have not moved for over 14 years since we bought the land.

The land has panoramic views of the lake and great sand sea. It is possible to have a mooring for small sail boats and salt treatments similar to what is offered in resorts in the dead sea. The land has been owned by a foreigner for 14 years and there has been no land border disputes in this time. It is known locally by everyone that it is owned by a foreigner, so if purchased by another foreigner there will be no cultural impact on the local Bedouin community.

land for sale siwa

There is no light or noise pollution. You can see the sun set and the moon rise over the lake without a street light in site. The land is 25 km’s from Siwa town centre and easily accessible by car or 40 seater coach on a good tarmac road. So you can walk for hours in the desert without seeing another person, come back to your house, watch the sun set, drive into town for dinner in one of the many good restaurants in Siwa town and be back on your land within half an hour of finishing our last course.

Price of land in Siwa dropped after the revolution but now are booming once again,  maybe 20% a year or more currently, but are still considerable lower than other areas in Egypt that have local tourist and agricultural opportunities. The cost of the land including the house, and water rights for the land is 45,000 Egyptian Pounds per fedan if you take 40 fedans. You can negotiate a smaller amount of fedans at a higher per fedan rate. Half the price half a very small one bed flat in London. The value of the land in Siwa is likely to rise considerably more once some of the 5* eco resorts projects near by and the airport opens, unlike a flat in London that is now going down in value – and it doesn’t rain here. If you would like more information please contact  duncan at somewheredifferent dot com.

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