Digital Nomad coworking / coliving communities – Somewhere Different.

Why did I set up a co working / co living space in Siwa Egypt and Blackpool UK? I get asked this question all the time. It’s a long story see my book called Somewhere Different. My family and I were wiped out by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka in 2004 and so set up Somewhere Different – somewhere different. Not in Sri Lank but in Siwa Egypt because we bought half a kilometer of lake front here before going to Sir Lanka. For ten years the Siwa Villa offered up market family tours as you can see from our Trip Advisor listing.

One revolution and divorce later we shut down. I spent several years working and traveling as a Digital Nomad until 2019 when I reopened in Egypt and bought a  Victorian Town House in Blackpool to add to the mix in the UK as it’s my home country and liked the idea of having a coworking / coliving space there too. The plan is to be open in the UK for the 2020 summer season.

I now work full time online running  and  from Somewhere Different. Like before, I realised catering for like minded people is a best way to give them what they want; as you know exactly what they want. Before it was middle class families from the UK. Now it you – Digital Nomads and remote workers from around the world who need to get stuff done on a relabel internet connection in a work environment that gives you no excuse other than to get your stuff done in the week and not feel guilty about party at the weekends with like minded nomads – Somewhere Different.

Work smart, get things done in the week. Exploring Somewhere Different at the weekends