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Cairo Egyptian Museum tour is about the only tour we do that is not run in a different way to the norm. The only difference is we go in the afternoon, when there is nobody there. This tour is normally run as part of a full days tour. You arrive with your guide in your little bus and are taken into the museum.


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If you can cope with information overload and love the thought of seeing many many, very old things you will enjoy this experience. Normally an hour or two is enough from your guide as your brain starts to fry and you can’t take in any more. You are then given time to walk around the museum again to look at the things you missed and to discover new things that take your interest. The contents of Tutankhamun tomb is held in the museum and is very interesting.

To see the other options for your Cairo tour please go back to the Cairo Egypt Tour page or if you have looked at all the options Design your own tour of Cairo here and get a quote for your group.

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