Eating and Drinking Siwa

Abdu’s: It’s ‘the’ restaurant in town where everyone goes for lunch or dinner if they are not… ‘out for dinner’, if you know what I mean. The food and service is great. Abdu has been running his restaurant for…ever and is still there most days to say hello, and have a chat and is a pillar of souk folk.

Shali Lodge: The nicest place to go for lunch or dinner in Siwa if you’re not in a hurry. It has a great ambiance and the food is very good and inexpensive.

East West: This is a basic cafe in town that is cheap and cooks everything from fresh so it’s good food, but can take a little while to arrive.

Alexandria restaurant: Across the road from Abu’s. The new kid on the block, run by Mohammad who understands customer service and loves nothing more than cooking up a feast for his guests. If you book in advance he will serve you anything you want and wait on you like a king.

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