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Mohammad yousef

Mohammad turned up to the Siwa Villa at the beginning of the building period in December 2005. He spoke no English and had never done any building work before – it was his first real job.

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Mohammad is a local boy and is a typical, nice Siwan lad.We had many more experienced builders working for us, but Mohammad quickly became the one we would trust with buying lunch and sorting all those little fiddley jobs that involved diving off to the Souk.He worked loyally for us for six months whilst the Siwa Villa was being built turning up at 7.30am everyday and never once complaining about anything.

When the building phase came to an end we asked him if he would like to be the house keeper and he gladly accepted. Mohammad has been through intense “how English people like there houses kept clean” training and now knows what the English word for bleach is.

Mohammad plays the drums and needs no encouragement to organised a party in the garden with some of his musician friends. He will drive the carriage and Jack (Angus’s donkey) around Siwa when and were ever you want to go. He is very trust worthy and will keep the villa tidy through out your stay. At the same time Mohammad is very discreet and good at keeping out of your way when you are relaxing in the villa.

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