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Stone Room Double Bed Sleeps 2

The master bedroom of the villa. A huge double bed with reading lights made of lumps of salt from the Siwa lake. There is a large wardrobe and chest of draws in the room all made from wood and limestone from the desert.

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The bed is a large double. It’s made of stone, the side tables are local lime stone cut from the mountains near Ba El Din, made by a Siwan craftsman.

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There is a large painting on the wall painted by the local artist Mohammad Fawzy. People say he is schizophrenic, when use see the picture you will see why. It is his unique style of painting he has perfected whilst living in Siwa. It is of stick men and shows life in the Shali as it was and… how Mohammad sees it. All the paintings in the house are done by local artists or guests who have stayed at the Siwa Villa.

So if you can paint, please ask for a canvas and see what you can do!

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The room is in the middle of the house and very private, not being over looked through the window from any other properties.

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The high ceilings and big fan keep the room cool, but if it does get too hot there is air conditioning in the room to keep you cool even on the hottest days in the summer.

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Funnly enough the sheets are Egyptain cotton. Bought in Cairo. They don’t really have sheets in Siwa.

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There is a large wardrobe and chest of drawers made of stone in the room and a Siwan chest to lay your clothes out on and spread out. The mirror is from Alexandria and left over from the ‘Howaga’ period when the Greeks lived in Alexandria, it was like Monte Carlo in those days I am told.

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There are two reading lights, one on either side of the bed, made of salt cut from the lake in the summer when the lake edges dry up.



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The room has a fan and air conditioning so can keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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