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The Salt Room Two twin beds Sleeps 2

This room is very bright and has viewS out over the shali side of the house and the garden. There are two large beds and a fitted wardrobe and drawers for you to move into and feel at home. The theme for this room is salt and so there are a few salt carvings in the room.

A large wardrobe and built in chest of drawes is in the room allow for plenty of storage for you clothes whilst you live at the Siwa Villa. This is what people say, they feel it’s their home when staying and not like just passing through another hotel lobby.

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The salt room has high ceiling allow for air to circulate within the room with the large fan in the centre of the ceiling.

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The floor is limestone, 30mm thick stone, laid by Penny. It took her a month!

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Both beds are made of stone and as solid as the ground below them.

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All Siwan girls when they get married get a dowry from the grooms family. It normally comes in a wooden box that is decorated with lively colours or hand carved if older. There are two of these dowry boxes in this room along with rugs made in Ba El Don by the Bedouin women who live there.

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