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Weather in Romania in August

The weather in August in Romania is hot and sunny, just like July, all month long. Every one is out in the fields stacking the hay in the traditional clays ( hay stacks) and bringing in as much hay as the can on their horse and carts at the end of the day. If you come and visit us on one of our Transylvania Tours or book one of our villas direct you will visit other parts of Romania as well as Maramures so I have put the details of the weather in Romania in August there as well. Below are the temperatures for Maramures, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca

Weather in Maramures in August is hot and sunny days with warm evenings so great for sleeping out in one of our cabanas or up at one of the sheep stations if your feeling brave. Sitting around a fire in August is T shirt weather and hotter than any summer you will experience in the UK.

Average temperature during August in Maramures is 23 degrees during the day but it can be as high as 40 degrees if there is a heat wave on. We have had 35 degrees many time in Breb in the last few years in August and I find the official figures of 23 to be way to low, but that’s the official figures…so. It is normally around 13 degrees at night but there will be several days when the weather is still very warm at night so great for sleeping out and watching the stares, or go walking at night, under a full moon, in Transylvania. If your interested in visiting Romania in August have a look at our Transylvania tours that we run all year round.

weather in romania in august

Festivals in Maramures in August
Sus pe Valea Vaserului (Up in the Vaser Valley) In the village of Vişeu de Sus: Normally the first week of August, a festival dedicated to the German minority, called ţipţeri, of Vişeu and the Vaser Valley.
Festivalul Stuparilor (Festival of the Beekeepers) Cerneşti: On the first Sunday after the 15th of August; a celebration of apiculture.
Pântru mândra din Botiza (For my Sweetheart in Botiza) Botiza: Traditional music, parade of popular costumes, contests, campfires.
Hora la Prislop (Round Dance at Prislop) Prislop Pass, Borşa.
Zilele Culturii “Roza Rozalina” (“Roza Rozalina” Cultural Days) Rozavlea: Folkloric festival dedicated to the preservation of traditions and customs.
Festivalul dansului şi cântecului chioarean (Festival of Dances and songs of Chioar) Satulung: Folkloric festival promoting traditions typical for Chioar; a parade of traditional costumes, music and dance.
Jocul Satului (The Village Dance) Sat Şugatag, Breb, Hoteni: In late August – early September, for three Sundays in a row, one for each of the three villages.

A good web site to check for weather forecasts for Maramures and other places in Romania in February is www.weather.com The link for Maramures weather is here.

Weather in Cluj Napoca in August is hot and sunney so make sure you have light clothing on and protection from the sun. You will leave Cluj Airport aroudn mid day so right in the heat of the day, but we do have air con in the jeep so, not a problem. The roads are good as we travel through Transylvania through Gypsies villages and a country side that is teaming with activity and all the family cutting hay and stacking it the same way their ancestors did. The weather in Romania in August is gret, it’s hot and sunny yet the landscape is still green and not all brown do to the big thunderstorms we get in June. If you come to Breb on one of our Transylvania Tours or you have booked the villa direct, you will pass through the heart of rural Transylvania and some some very scenic country side where you see the ‘beware of the beers’ signs and the is a nice gorge you drive through for half an hour so before climbing the Carpathian mountain and then head down the other side towards Cavnic and on to old Maramures and our village of Breb.

Average temperature in August in Cluj Napoca is 24 degrees in the day but it is often a lot warmer than this around lunch time, the time you come out of the airport and a low of 13 degrees at night.

weather in romania in august

Weather in Bucharest in August is great, hot and sunny and all the beautifull woman who have not left town for the beach head for the old city where they walk up and down the cobbled streets. It’s like a fashin show and very different to walking through covernt garden in April. You can sit out in the sun or under the shade and soak up the Bucharest cafe soicaity reading book and just chilling, or party on to the ealry hours. The bars stay open until the sun comes up, when once again you need to puch your sunglasses back down over you your eyes for the walk back to your apparntment.

Average temperature during August in Bucharest is 24 degrees during the day and a low of 13 degrees at night but my experience of Bucharest is it is much warmer than this most of the time in July.

Cloths recommended for August in Romania – T shirt, summer weather clothes and a waterproof as it does still occasionally rain up in the mountains. But it never gets cold in August unless your sleeping out right on the top of Gutia Mountain.

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