Cavnic Ski Resort

Cavnic has three ski tracks and is planning on building fourth. Cavnic currently has a total run length of 6 km. There’s a beginner course of 1.9 km; a medium difficulty run 2.3 km long and and a ‘pro’ course of 2.1 km. Due to few foreigners knowing about Cavnic skiing in the winter, all three runs are nearly empty during the week, no matter how nice the weather is. Prefect for beginners.

So if your kids are learning to ski on the beginner coerce, you can hammer down the pro coerce without another person in site and be back in Breb for lunch time. The slopes start from an altitude of 950 meters and end at 1260m, with a gradient of 20%. All tracks are leveled according to European standards ( what ever that means?). This is the resort you’ll will be at every day when you come and visit us on a Romania Ski Holiday

For more detailed information in English, have a look at the Cavnic Ski resort web site. To see the current levels of snow at cavnic have a look at the weather in cavnic link here

cavnic ski resort

cavnic ski resort

The slopes are floodlit at night so if you prefer to have a crowd around you and want to meet people who speak English from Baia Mare, you can come in the evenings and knock back a few beers in the bar at the same time.

cavnic ski resort

The video to the right shows one of the ski runs at Cavnic. They are great for kids and situated half an hour up the road from our villas in Breb. Weekends and evenings are ‘busy’ (one minute wait for the chair) but due to few foreigners coming to the region, you have the slopes pretty much to yourself during the week days.

This means you can come on holiday to Breb and have the kids taken up to Cavnic for their ski lessons during the mornings while it is peaceful. By the time they know what they are doing they can go up to Cavnic late afternoon and catch all the kids coming onto the slopes after school and tumble down the slopes in huge inflatable tractor inner tubes.

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Cavnic – Cavnic is one of two ski resorts in Maramures. In the summer there are day camps for children who want to learn to ski on the dry slope and even tennis lesson mixed in with an hour on the big bouncy castle. From December to April is a sky resort and covered in the Maramures section.