Romania Ski Holidays

Romania Ski holidays are seen as cheap alternative to the established slopes of the Alps in Western Europe. Well for a start that is true; the point is not many foreigners come to Romania for a skiing holiday and even less to our ski resort 30 minutes up the road at Cavnic Ski resort. This means you have the entire slope to your self all day long, until and hour after the kids get out of school and the slopes fill will children and adults from Baia Mare. The slopes are floodlit at night and you will be a welcome stranger on the slopes and in the bar, where a beer costs less than 5le or £1. For families the slopes are great and less than half the costs of the Alps. Have a look at our 10 day Romania Ski Holiday Tour.


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romania ski holidays

After a good day of skiing, you return to the village of Breb that is caught somewhere in the middle ages. You ride in a one horse open slay through the village with your hand wove rug over your legs and a bottle of home made brandy tucked under your arm. Where else can you go on a skiing holiday and experience and ancient culture and stay in an untouched village where not a single person goes skiing, the don’t see the point, they don’t understand it and any way, the don’t have a car to get there anyway.

if your the adventurous type and a big skier, there is the Drahobrat Resort around 60 km’s away in the Ukraine. It’s is apparently very good for skiing and very wild. If your interested in staying in Breb on our Romanian Ski Holiday Tour we’re ready for you. If your looking to combining a stay at Drahobrat Ski Resort, let me know and I’m sure you can persuade me to take the jeep there to check the place out as it’s just over the border into the Ukraine.

If you want to plan a ski holiday to our little village of Breb and stay in one of our villas get in contact and we will let you know what we can do.

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