is a beautiful area known for its wooden churches, wooden gates and the last remaining peasant culture in Europe. There are around half a million people who live in the county, half in the countryside. The density of the population is 81 people per square kilometer. 83% Romanian, 8.9% Hungarians 6.9 Ukrainian and 1.4% are Gypsies and a token few western Europeans. Around 40% of the land is mountainous 30% rolling hills and 30% flatlands and meadows.

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Ok that’s enough of the geography lesson for now. We have lived here on and off for four years and are slowly learning about all the things to see and do here, and the history. There are loads of great stories like that of Romania’s Robin Hood, Pintea Viteazul or the story of the prisoners of communism in the Sighetu Prison Museum and of course our Gutai Mountain and the Merry Cemetery. There’s loads to do and lots to explore. What’s nice is apart from the Merry Cemetery you’ll be the only foreigners around and will attract great interest from locals you will meet along the way. There are some great books on Maramures especially the one written by William Blacker Along the Enchanted Way, which is all about our village, Breb.

Come and stay in our villas in Breb and we’ll find you the book that is right for you and you can read all about it when you arrive.