Our membership options

The longer you choose to stay, the lower the cost per day
Room 1

Select the dates you are thinking of coming to stay Somewhere Different above. We recommend you stay at least one month. The cost per day is significantly lower for a month than it is for week and as you are working all week you will need 3 or 4 weekends to explore all there is to see in Siwa Oasis.

For example a dorm bed for one week is $12 a day yet the double room is $8 a night if you book for two months.

Remember you only have to pay 25% deposit to secure your booking and the full amount on arrival.

What is included?

All nomads enjoy the following benefits

Co-working area

Each membership includes full use of all the co-working areas: main work ares, Skype-rooms, rooftop etc.

24/7 wifi access

We have fast reliable internet with speeds between 13mbs and 1ombs for max five people.


Awesome community of like minded digital nomads and travelers.

Daily Breakfast

Every morning if you selected the $2 a day breakfast option – you can enjoy a fresh breakfast of cereal, eggs, fruits and other local produce.

Weekend activities

An opportunity to travel around in the jeep and see the real Egyptian desert & hot springs.


Awesome community of like minded digital nomads and travelers.

London hours – so not London weather & cost of living

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