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Sollum – Border Town with Libya

I visted Sollum in 2010. The border guard asked me ” Why come Sollum?”
I replied ” I taking pictures for a travel magazine.”
His answer was ” So, I am still waiting for the answer. Why you want to come to Sollum?”
Sollum is a border town. Not much goes on this is not connected with people, trucks and anything that is coming or going to Libya. That was before the tow revolutoins of 2011. Sollum has been somewhat busy since then and had one or two refugue come through and NGO’s set up camp. Many of the guides in Siwa when there where no tourist came to Sollum to work for NGO’s to help out with translating. It’s well worth a trip if you have your own transport or your arranging a bespoke tour to Egypt with us.

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