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Islamic Cairo is the area surrounding the Khan El Khalili bazaar. The market it self is very and interesting but this is drowned out with ‘Asda price’ and ‘ we have nothing in your size sir’. The surrounding area has the most Islamic monument in all of Cairo, and Cairo as more than any other Muslim city in the world. So to experience an old Islamic city and see the minaret stretch out over the city, this is the place to do it. if you are interested in having a guided tour of the area please see our Cairo Tours here.

khan el khaliliBarrow boy working like his father and his father before him

khan el kaliliWishing his Dad owned a shop…

khan el kaliliThe old entrance to the city, still looks and used in the same way it was 1000 years ago.

khan el kaliliThe butcher the baker and the… their all here.

khan el kaliliAnd you thought they just haggled with the tourists. It is a way of life for the Khan El Khalili bazaar and Egypt in general.

khan el kaliliThis hat maker was here 20 years ago, and probably 100 of years before, I didn’t go to the Khan El Khalili a hundred years ago.

khan el kalilihe knows me now and always says hello when I come through with a group.

khan el kaliliTheir every were, you can’t avoid them. You hear a sound like shwush shwush and it means “Get out of the way!”

khan el kalili
Does he love me, does he not

khan el kaliliIt gets busier on Friday afternoons!

khan el kaliliJust like the high street at home hey, lost of garments are made in the Khan El Khalili market and they all need sharp scissors and knifes to make them

khan el kaliliAll restored a few years ago, it looks great

khan el kaliliNot restored a few years ago, it looks great.

khan el kaliliThe old and the new cloths hanging at the bottom

khan el kaliliYou lika da spice?

khan el kalili“The price of blue material has gone up again”

khan el kaliliThe tent makers area of the Khan El Khalili market where they will make you anything you want out of thick canvas and wood.

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