100% Desert & Dunes Tour Siwa Oasis

This is a ten-day Safari in Siwa Oasis and the surrounding desert which is some of the most spectacular in the entire Western Desert. As we own the Siwa Villa where you will be staying, we can keep the costs for this trip low at the same time as providing you with first-class accommodation.[custom_button style=’light’ size=’large’ bg_color=’#006633′ text_color=’#FFFFFF’ align=’left’ text=’Make an enquiry about this holiday’ title=’All inclusive holidays to Egypt enquiry form’ url=’/contact.html?show=4273&type=5&key=100%_Desert_and_Dunes’] You can add extra days to any stage of the trip as you will not be traveling with any other groups. We can tailor your trip to suit your own availability and budgets. Minimum group size is two people but the cost of  776 EUR is based on a minimum of four people traveling, so the cost will be 15 % higher if there is just two of you.


Day 1 Cairo – Siwa

You will be picked up from Cairo’s International Airport and taken directly to Siwa. You flop into the ‘Limousine’ 14 seater people carrier and sleep most of the way through the desert arriving at the Siwa Villa in Siwa oasis in the early hours of the morning. Obviously if you don’t want to drive through the night we can pick you any time and take you straight to Siwa.

Mohammad, the housekeeper and Ludmila will meet you outside the villa and show you in. You can stay up to see the sun rise over the  Sahara Desert with a bottle or two of duty free or get to bed the moment you arrive, it’s up to you.

Day 2  Siwa  Sights

A lazy morning. Food is provided for you in the Siwa Villa before you arrive, so you can make your own breakfast of cereal or omlet as and when you like. Mohammad will bring you fresh, hot bread, hanging it on the door so as to not wake you, and come back to do all the clearing up when you have finished. You’re staying in a villa, but you will do no washing up, cleaning or roasting of chickens over the fire while you’re here that’s Mohammad’s job ;).
The kitchen is fully fitted with a five ring hob, grill, oven, fridge, etc.


At 2 pm Rohaim, who works for the local Department of Antiquities, picks you up and takes for a guided tour of the main historical sights of Siwa – Cleopatra’s spring, the Temple of Amun, the Temple of the Oracle and the Mountain of the Dead.  We like putting this little tour right at the beginning of your stay in Siwa as it is a great inroduction to our Oasis – it’s history, culture, gardents, springs and people.



You’ll watch the sunset from the top of the Mountain of the Dead before having dinner in one of the restaurants in town and back to the Villa for the much needed early night.


Day 3  Siwa – 24-hour Desert Safari

Around 10 am your desert guide arrives at the Siwa Villa to pack our tent into his jeep and collect the blankets and we set off around 10.15 am for our desert adventure.

Nasser is one of the few true professional drivers in Siwa and knows his way around. He has been driving in the Great Sand Sea in the Western Desert in Siwa for many years and enjoys taking our guests around.

We head out into the Great Sand Sea for some serious dune hopping. We have discovered some very interesting places out in the desert that we like to keep a secret so as to not publicise their locations to other desert travelers. Some of the fossils, mummies and petrified forests are in danger of becoming extinct (again) due to people taking home the fossils as souvenirs.

We insist that, were there are rare fossils, people do not take any home, there are places where we will take you where it’s perfectly OK to take some shells or fossilized leaves as there are many of them. It was the bottom of the ocean a few million years ago, so taking a shell from the desert is like… taking a shell from the beach.

Siwa is one of the best places on earth to sand board. We have the biggest dunes!

Somewhere Different has its own collection of sand boards and toboggans for hammering down those huge dunes, just like in the TV ads.

After a day of exploring the desert and flying over some very big dunes we set up camp under a large dune for protection against the wind. Nasser sets about cooking the evening meal. You are required to do nothing but sip on a cold beer or climb to the top of the dune to watch the sunset. But if you help Nasser set the wind breaks and make the fire, you’ll get more involved in the whole sleeping out experience.

 Take it all in whilst dinner is prepared and the camp for the night is set up. Barbequed chicken and vegetables or what ever you chose in the market the day before. We sleep out under the stars in the dunes without a mosquito or bug in sight. You might if you are lucky see a desert mouse, they have long back legs and tiny front legs. They are the size of a walnut and very quite, but they will have been in, stolen the chicken scraps and be gone before you can see them, you’ll just see their tracks in the morning which you can follow for miles, literally. We have never found where they live.


Day 4 Day off – Siwa

On the way back to Siwa in the morning we pass by Bir Wahed to have a soak in the hot and cold springs right out in the desert. Bir Wahed gets very busy in the afternoon so this is the best time to visit when no one is around.


After the whole 24 hours in the desert you’ll probably be tired and covered in sand so we’ll let you have a lazy day in Siwa doing what ever you want. The donkey cart and jeep are always available to take you anywhere you want to go, so swimming or exploring the old town, it’s up to you.

Days 5-8 Days off in Siwa

Now you have been in Siwa Oasis for a few days,  we can be fairly flexible on what we do over the next four days. This is the whole point of an ‘Adventure Villa Holiday’,  each person in your group can have their own agenda.

Breakfast is provided every morning by Mohammad and, depending on what type of  experience you want that day, lunches and dinners  can be served in one of the restaurants,  in a garden or at our favourite hot spring.

Below is a list of ideas of things you can do in the 4 days you have in Siwa. We can do any of them as many times as you like except for the night out in the Great Sand Sea, due to the extra costs this trip incurs.

Lunch with the Locals Lunch at a friend’s house in the Siwan suburbs, we sit and eat with Mohammad’s 11 children in his house made of mud and experience the Siwan culture at first hand. As we live in Siwa, we have many friends who are not in the tourist business and so are able to share these genuine friendships with you.


The Oracle, one of seven in the world, in the middle of the palm groves

Omar’s interesting and animated tour of the main sights of Siwa.

Sandboarding You came here for the desert and sandboarding on the big dunes on the edge of the desert is a ‘must’ for any one fit enough who wants to have a go. We take the jeep and park on top of a large dune and off you go. We have ten boards and bindings at the villa for your use and some candle wax for the adventurous. We have searched the desert and found some very big dunes, some 150 meters high. We can spend all day every day doing this if you want. And some people do…

Roman Springs If you get a bit deserted-out, swimming in the Roman Springs around Siwa is a great way to spend an afternoon. You can take the jeep or Jack the donkey and go to one of over 40 different springs to swim. This is very popular with kids. We can do this at any time and, if the kids get their way, you’ll do it all the time, in between sand- boarding!

Cleopatra’s Spring in Siwa Oasis

Yes, this is what the Great Sand Sea next to Siwa looks like it really is amazing<

Nasser’s jeep can take us deep into the Great Sand Sea in the Western Desert

A petrified forest 40 km’s from Siwa

There are dunes twice this size, don’t believe me … wait and see;)

Take it all in whilst dinner is prepared and the camp is set up for the night

Dinner will be barbequed chicken and vegetables or something you chose in the market the day before.

We sleep out under the stars in the dunes without a mosquito or bug in sight.

Four days of relaxation, mixed with as much desert adventure as you want. There are many more things you can do in Siwa but we can’t list them all here so when you arrive we can find out what you interests are and give you ideas for some great days out.

The picture-postcard cold spring at Bir Wahed right out in the Western Desert

Day 9 Travel back to Cairo

The people carrier arrives at about 8.00am to take you directly to Cairo. Mohammad and Penny, who will have spent the whole week taking care of you, will make sure you do not leave anything behind and have all your bags packed into the car.

You will have time to explore the War Graves at El Alamain or go swimming in the Mediterranean before arriving in Cairo.

Commonwealth War Graves at El Alamain

Your rooms in Cairo will be booked and paid for in advance. As a member of the Somewhere Different team will normally not be with you on this journey, as it is straightforward and our driver knows exactly where he is going, all dinner and bar bills will be down to you to settle before you leave.

Day 10 Departure – Cairo

Depending on when your flights are, your taxi will take you directly from the Victoria Hotel in Down Town to the Cairo International Airport.

To make enquires about this tour go to the All Inclusive Holiday form and let us know you are interested in the ‘100% Desert & Dunes’ holiday, a rough idea of dates that would suit you, the number of people in your group and any additional days you would be interested in adding to the tour. I can then look at flights and specific dates and provide you with a total cost for the tour. Click here to view our other All inclusive holidays to Egypt.

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