This is a twenty-day tour starting in Dahab, moving on to Cairo and then down to Siwa staying in our Siwa Villa before heading off to Baharyia, then back to Cairo and Dahab. If you are interested in this tour, please go to the all Inclusive holiday form and we will be in contact


Day 1 Arrival – Sharm El Sheik – Dahab

Your driver will meet you off the plane with a sign with your name on. You are then taken to the Blue Beach Club in Dahab. Dinner is served in the dinning room and is included. Any bar bills are down to you.

Day 2 Dahab

Your on holiday. Sit back and relax and enjoy the apartment your staying in that looks out over the ocean. Hang out in the best bar in town which is in the Furry Cup situated within the Blue Beach Club, sunbath, read your book and chill. If you have opted for the paddy course or any other diving programs you will do these over the next two days, plus snorkeling in some of the best coral reefs in the world. All diving courses are not included and charge to you at the same rate as booking direct with the hotel.

Day 3 Dahab

Your people carrier arrives at the hotel and takes you directly to Cairo. You cross from one continent to another driving under the sues canal, watch out for the huge oil tankers. On arriving in Cairo you will be taken to the Victoria Hotel. Dinner is served in the dinning room and is included. Any bar bills are down to you.

Day 4 Cario

Rise early for breakfast at the Victoria Hotel. Rasha your guide for the day will arrive at around 7.00am, arriving near the Pyramids before 8.00am at Tarek’s stables.

A quick look around the 100 year old stables to look for any newborn foals. Everyone is found a horse that is right for them and you will set off and ride up to the Pyramids for around an hour.

As the crowds begin to arrive, you can either enter inside one of the Pyramids and test your claustrophobia levels or go and see the oldest boat in the world. Rasha will give you information on the Pyramids and then take you down to the Sphinx and then back to the stables where the car is waiting for you.

Khala El Khalili Bazaar (Cairo)

You will leave the Pyramids around lunch time and head back into Cairo and stop for lunch. Rasha will recommend a place for lunch. You will need to pay for lunch yourself. 20 to 50 Egyptian pounds is the normal cost for lunch in a restaurant that caters for tourists. Your next stop is the Khala El Khalili Bazaar in the ancient Islamic part of Cairo. Here you will be dropped off a mile or so away from the main market and stroll through the streets to get a real feel of old city and see what life was like here in medieval times.

You can spend as long as you like in the Khala El Khalili market. Once you have had your fill, Rasha will telephone the car and you are picked up and taken back to the Victoria Hotel for dinner. It’s a big day out, but a memorable one. There are some interesting bars a short cab ride away if you have a copy of Lonely planets with you, if you have the energy;)

Day 5 Traveling to Siwa/em>

Around 8.00am an air conditioned car & driver will arrive at the Victoria hotel to take you to Siwa. Around lunchtime you will pass the Commonwealth War Graves at El Alamain. It’s a moving place, and reading the stories of each solder lost in the battle here, which they say changed the course of the Second World War, makes your reflect and imagine what it was like.

Lunch is in Charm Life, a 5 star hotel on the coast. You will need to pay for lunch here, it is 120le each. It is worth taking your swimming costume and go for a swim in the indoor heated swimming pool or out in the Mediterranean. If you don’t want to go to Charm Life, you can stop any where you want along the way, there are many transport cafes along the way where you can get half a chicken and what ever else they are cooking that day.

You will arrive in Siwa in the evening in time for G&T’s on the roof terrace around the open fire and a quick tour of the Siwa Villa by Ludmila and Mohammed the house keeper before going out to dinner.

Day 6 Siwa

Unlike other adventure holidays your now in your own villa and you can do exactly what you want when you want. Mohammad will bring fresh bread and leave it hanging on the door so as to not wake any one up around 8.00am. You fix your own breakfast with eggs, cereal and fruit and take it easy. Mohammad is available at any time to take you off in the donkey cart around the town or out to one of the many Roman springs around town for swimming.

In the afternoon I come and collect you all in the resident Jeep and head out to the edge of Great Sand Sea for a spot of sand boarding down some huge dunes before watching the sun go down on the edge of the desert before heading off to a hot spring in the Bedouin camp next to the desert.

You can do all of the above or you can stay in bed for the whole day or read that book you started in Cairo up on the roof terrace. It’s up to you. Dinner is served in the Siwa Villa on the terrace or around the enormous dinning room table or in one of the restaurants in town. The town souk is a few minutes walk away where you can go exploring after dinner or stay in around the fire on the roof terrace or in the living room.

Day 7 Desert Safari – Siwa

Around 10.00am our desert driver Nassa arrives at the Siwa Villa to pack our tent into your Jeep and collects the blankets. Mohammed runs of to the shops for the provisions for the day and you set off around 11.00am for your desert adventure.

You sleep out under the stars in the dunes without a mosquito in site.

Day 8 Desert Safari – Siwa

In the morning after breakfast, you go to Bir Wahed, the famous hot spring in the desert, normally surrounded by many tourist but you have the place to yourself as you are there early. You return to the villa for a shower and another sleep if you choose, up to you. The rest of the day is up to you, lunch and dinner being either out in one of the restaurants or in the villa. In the afternoon we suggest you take the garden walk through the olive groves with Mohammed, it’s a few miles and flat all the way.

Day 9 to 13 Desert Safari – Siwa

Day off days in Siwa doing what ever you want. The donkey cart and our Jeeps are always available to take you anywhere you want to go, so swimming or exploring the old town, it’s up to you. Dinner is in the Villa our out in one of the restaurants in town. We can talk about these days when you arrive or plan them before you arrive. We suggest the following.

the guided tour of Siwa’s monuments and take Jack the donkey and Mohammed so you can finish off at Cleopatra’s for a swim.

Go out to the desert for the day with Duncan in his Jeep sandboarding and swimming in the salt lakes

Take a garden walk and end up in a hot spring after watching the sun set on Dakrur Mountain.

Go swimming in the many Roman springs around the oasis.

Organise a sleep over for our children to stay with yours in the villa so you get time to yourselves.

Let our children be your kids guides and arrange some trips out for them in the donkey or the Jeep.

Dinner with the locals.

Cook a big dinner in the villa using local produce from the market, and spin a lamb and have a party.

Hang out in the souk playing back gammon and smoke a sheisha.

The list is endless, once we know a bit more about you we can makes suggestions or you can just leave it up to us and we will organise every day for you if you want.

Day 14 Siwa – Bahariya

In the morning after breakfast, an early start around 7.30am to clear desert permissions for the 420km trip across the desert to Bahariya. You stop on the way at an abandoned oasis and then again for lunch. You arrive in Bahariya early evening and can take a dip in the hot spring in front of your hotel room when you arrive or after the buffet dinner around 7.30pm. Dinner is included but alcohol is not.

Day 15 Bahariya – Cairo

In the morning you are taken to see the Golden Mummies and the a Pharonic tomb in the centre of the town before meeting your car & driver for the trip back to the Victoria Hotel in Cairo. We have nothing planned for you for the afternoon in Cairo – take a taxi and see where you end up or just walk out of the Victoria and head to the Khala Khalili and walk through some of the most interesting streets in Cairo. Dinner is not included for this night as we recommend you eat out and take in the sights and smells of Cairo.

Day 16 Cairo

In the morning around 10.00am Rasha will again meet you at the Victoria Hotel and take you off the to Egyptian Museum. After lunch you will the go off to see another site in Cairo, there are many to choose from and I will work with you on this to come up with something that is right for you. With children, I find the zoo and holding the loin cubs the best. Dinner is in the Victoria Hotel.

Day 17 Cairo – Dahab

In the morning around 8.00am you driver will arrive and take you back to the Blue hole in Dahab. You will arrive around lunchtime and have lunch at the hotel.

Day 18 to 19 Dahab

You now another two nights to relax and snorkel as much or as little as you want. Three meals a day are included in the club. Bar bills are down to you. There are no trips planned for these days as the best thing to do is go snorkeling in the red sea that’s on your front door.

Day 20 Cairo- Leaving for the Airport

Depending on your flight times a car will arrive at the hotel and take you to Sharm El Sheik airport for your flight home.

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