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For Winter Sun Holidays…

Siwa Oasis is 300km’s south of the south coast of the Mediterranean sea, and funnily enough the weather is perfect here in the winter. People build their houses out of mud… they’re kind of that confident it won’t rain. If you catch a cloudy day… your unlucky.

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To visit Siwa you can book on of our All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt or book the Siwa Villa directly and organise your own transportation to Siwa.

Basically it is sunny in Siwa Oasis all year round. It is… the Sahara Desert after all. Swimming and sunbathing goes on all day and at night the temperature does drop making sitting around the fire all the more pleasant.

Siwa is accessible from Europe and is only a four hour flight from London to Egypt. It is a very cheap place to stay and definitely the most different, as well as possibly the nearest winter sun holiday location to the UK where you are guaranteed sunny days… EVERY day. Have a look at the weather in egypt section here and see what the average temperatures are in the winter.

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