[smooth id=229] The Siwa Villa can cater for up to ten people and sleeps 10 comfortably. That’s not cram 10 people in. That’s enough space, toilets, showers, dinning areas and obviously sleeping space for 10 people. There are only two toilets, so this does get a bit busy at breakfast times. We have ten sets of plates knives and forks and linen. We have designed each villa to be used by ten people and have provided enough seating and areas where you can hide away for ten people. The houses have been built to our requirements and not the other way around so you should have no problem with coming to one of our villa’s with ten people … enjoy!


There is so much to do in the Siwa Villa and in Siwa and the surrounding desert that we assume you will not be spending too much time in your bed, but up on the terrace, in the dinning room or steam room or out there catching a large dune with one of the sand boards.