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Group accommodation is not just about enough beds to sleep in. It’s about insuring the accommodation living areas allow the whole group to come together when they want to, without having to rebuild the entire dinning room, at the same time allowing the group to split up into several smaller groups and not be disturbed by the others

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This was the focus for designing the Siwa Villa. We wanted the Villa to be a place where a group of friends can all enjoy each others company, as a group, but at the same time can have the privacy needed to catch up with old friends whilst the party goes on next door. Everything we have done has had this thinking behind it.

A lot of the furniture is built in so you don’t have to worry about the group breaking anything, the villa is designed for groups and don’t worry … will cope, though if you really want to party you do need to go out to the garden out near the Sahara where you can let your hair down in with a swimming pool and camp fire area as the neighbors will not be impressed as the villa is in the town.

A group of larger louts would not go down well in Siwa, but we assume they will choose Spain instead;) There is nothing however stopping you from enjoying yourself in the Siwa Villa and garden knowing the villa can cope;)

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