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Gutai Mountain Maramures

Gutai Mountain is to the West of Breb. If you walk up from the village and through the hundreds of strip farming meadows you will arrive at the bottom of Gutai Mountain or ‘Munte’ (mountain) as the locals call it. To the right is the ‘Cocks crest’ as it is known locally, or ‘Rooster Ridge’. It rises 200m straight up and has some of the best rock climbing faces in Romania. We have local rock climbing guides who can take you up the face – we would need to arrange this a few weeks in advance.

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We are slowly exploring the whole mountain, learning the different ways up to the peak and the shepherds’ ways of working. We quickly discovered the need to know where the shepherds are and, more importantly, where their dogs are as they are trained to protect the sheep. There are bears here, it’s unlikely you will see one, but they are around. Wild deer are common and you will see them darting through the forest on your way up to the summit.

If you want to come and stay with us here in Breb spending most our your time exploring the Gutai mountain, have a look at our Shepherd’s Safari Tour or just book the Villa direct and off you go.

Gutai mountain 'cocks crest' breb