ICI Breb is like Siwa and our name; it’s different. Most people live off the land in Breb and dream of living in a city and owning a BMW. They have no idea that half of the people in the western world dream of living their lifestyle. No stress, no deadlines and no worries if the banking system collapses. It doesn’t affect the weather so the crops still grow, and life goes on.


Breb Village

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The village of Breb in Maramures is like Hobbiton in Lord of the rings. It is that idyllic village your have in the back or your mind; horse drawn and everything done by hand. Have a look and see if you agree.

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Getting to Breb

[custom_frame_left]How to get to Breb, Maramures

Getting to our village of Breb in Maramures is easy, as long as you have good directions. If you coming to stay at the Village Hotel and arriving by car, plane, train or walking from the next village, it’s all here.

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The locals

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You have the old boys tipped for the first prize in the Gurning competition to teenagers dreaming of a modelling careers and the looks to match. 400 homes, 1,500 people – depending on who’s not abroad working.

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Bears & Wolves

[custom_frame_left]Bears and wolfs and Dogs

The land of fairy tales. We live up to that reputation. As long as you stick to the common sence guidelines in this section you will be fine. They do not come down into the village… well, most of the time.

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Prince Charles

[custom_frame_left]Prince Chalres House, Breb, Maramures[/custom_frame_left]

The story of Prince Charles owning a house in the village of Breb is an interesting one. Read here why he chose Breb and why it fits in with his ideology of living in Transylvania and preserving it.

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Eating Out

[custom_frame_left]Eating out in Breb

We have two small restaurants, the locals who cook for us and the holinca shed. You can also eat with the locals when cutting the hay. The price of lunch being one hours hard labor with a Sythe.

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In hours drive

[custom_frame_left]Hours Drive of Breb, Maramures

There’s a surprising amount of different things to experience within an hours drive of Breb. Traditional villages, salt pools, saunas, mountain treks and local bars. And there are different modes of transport.

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Wooden Church

[custom_frame_right]Breb, Maramures

The wooden church in Breb has the oldest wooden steeple recorded in Romania. That’s just one little story. It’s worth half a day for exploring and a visit to a service on a Sunday or at Easter.

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Breb is in the County of Maramures in Northern Transylvania. There is something about Breb, especially to English men it seems. William Blacker was at the Berlin wall for the new year celebrations in 1989, the year communism fell across Eastern Europe. So where Penny and Duncan. William carried on and after travelling for months found Breb and settled down to live here and ended up writing ‘Along the Enchanted Way’ which is set in Breb. We had a huge mortgage and took another 25 years before we could carry on our journey. We too traveled for months looking for the perfect get away from it all village, where the way of life has not changed for generations. We too discovered Breb and decided to make it our home. Coincidence – or is it that Breb really is a special place and when we both discovered it we were hooked and looked no further.

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Breb is an old Romanian word for Beaver. A long time ago, there where beavers here making dams in the many streams that flow through the village from the mountain.

At the census of 1930 there were 1683 people registered living in Breb. 1528 Romanian, 154 Hebrew, 24 Gypsies and a Russian. 1526 where Greek Catholics, 154 were Orthodox. There are no jewish people living here now, and there is one Gypsy family that stay in the winter and take off in the summer to repair peoples casans. Apart from that, and the fact that the Russian has turned into a handful of English people; not much has changed in Breb in terms of population, the ways of working and the culture.

The are things about Breb I am discovering all the time, from the distant past to the present day. Over the next few months I will be adding more little bits of information on Bred as and when I get the time to write them. Have a look at the different sections within Breb like Activities and In hours drive to see what there is to do and to get a better feel for the place. The bears & wolves section and the locals gives you a better idea of what it is like here and of course there is the whole of the Gutai Mountain to explore. If you want to come and stay with us here in Breb, have a look at our Transylvania Tours or just book the Villa direct.

breb old map Map of Breb – 1784. Not much has changed. There are more houses now, but the tracks and layout of the village is still the same.
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